What is the difference between ‘enough’ and ‘plenty’?

What is the difference between ‘enough’ and ‘plenty’?

Question by Javier de Pozuelo

Thank you, Javier, for your question!


It’s quite common that students have problems with ‘plenty’. Remember that:


Enough = sufficient

A lot = a high degree or number

Plenty = more than sufficient


We normally say ‘plenty…for something’ or ‘plenty… to do something’.

There are plenty of chairs for the meeting.

We have plenty of time to have a cup of coffee.


A common mistake occurs when a student says ‘there were plenty of people at the beach’.

A native speakers who hears this phrase will think, ‘plenty of people for what?’.



I hope that this is enough explanation for you. There have been plenty of people that have had the same problem as you, so don’t worry. Keep studying and practicing!